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Ronchi.nl, my personal space to share some of my projects with my friends and others online.

3D Live Stats

Visualises in 3D what people search for on a global scale in real-time.
Technologies used

C#, DirectX, PHP
A program that visualizes what people search for to find a or multiple customers websites. The search-queries scroll across the screen, while an earth displays exactly where the visits originate from. This is all done in real-time. There is also a special minority-report style version that lets you rotate the earth with your finger if you have a smartboard.

More information available here

Stijns Birthday Movie Calender

A special birthday calender
Technologies used

Photoshop 7, 227 Digital Photo's
As a present for my best friend 30’th birthday, 23 of his friends took photographs of themselves. Literally hundreds of photo’s and numerous hours later, a one of a kind birthday calender emerged.

Front, Januari, Februari, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, Back